What advantages does Icom’s IP Advanced Radio System have over traditional radio?

The system has a huge amount of benefits but we see it providing further choice for the consumer alongside analogue and digital radio offerings.

There are strong reasons for customers to move towards this new technology including no licence fee, encrypted communication and excellent audio quality.

When a communicator is connected to an optional headset the system is also capable of hands-free, full duplex communication allowing users to transmit/receive (talk/hear) concurrently.

The IP Radio system can be used like a normal radio system with individual and group calling. The controller has the technology to make group calls and for putting individual calls through. All of this is done by allocating each individual handportable a personality on the system. It’s a direct replacement to radio systems with increased capacity, but using different technology.

In terms of installation, the system can be so much simpler. To put communications in a building you would traditionally use a distributed antenna system maybe including a lift shaft to get full coverage. Now with the Icom IP Advanced Radio System the process is much simpler as it uses wireless access points around the building.

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